Boruto chapter 75’s new information about Eida and Shinjutsu creates more mystery

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Boruto chapter 75’s

With the publication of Boruto Chapter 75, fans learned more about Eida’s abilities and Shinjutsu. However, due to Momoshiki’s meddling inside Boruto’s thoughts, there has been some dispute regarding the same. Boruto fans can expect more mysteries to be revealed in the near future as Amado reveals what he knows about the Otsutsuki God.

In the previous chapter, Amado discussed his deceased daughter Akebi, whom he attempted to rescue by using clones. His aim, however, failed when he produced the cyborg Delta. He was able to implant Akebi’s memories into the cyborg, but Delta did not have the same personality. This is why Amado was obliged to join Jigen, since he promised to resurrect Akebi provided the latter helped him.

Momoshiki calls out Amado’s analogy of Shinjutsu in Boruto chapter 75

Amado explained in Boruto Chapter 75 that he was incapable of producing any skill and could only transfer it. As a result, he used the ashes of the Otsutsuki God Shibai to transfer his abilities to Eida and Daemon.

Shibai, having gained Godhood, possessed the ability to perform “Divine Miracles,” known as Shinjutsu. It was the peak of Ninjutsu and Sage jutsu, both of which were mere imitations.

Amado explained how Eida and Daemon’s talents, as well as Code’s claw marks, Kawaki’s skills, and Karma, were all Shinjutsu. He went on to say that the Otsutsuki God may not have perished, but rather gone to an other realm.

Shibai, according to his idea, may have advanced to a higher entity via repeated cycles of evolution, necessitating the employment of a body that no longer existed. This might be the reason he ditched his body.

Momoshiki contacted Boruto through their intertwined thoughts after Amado revealed his plan to revive his daughter Akebi through Kawaki’s karmic resurrection. Momoshiki told his blond buddy that there was something strange about what Amado disclosed.

While Amado’s revelations about the Otsutsuki God Shibai and Shinjutsu were accurate, Momoshiki, who was well-versed in Shinjutsu, believed Amado was partially lying. While Eida’s Senrigan was undoubtedly a Shinjutsu, her love charm power could not be one because he had never heard of it.

While Momoshiki was perplexed, Eida corroborated the facts told by Amado via her Senrigan. However, it seemed during the moment that even Eida was concealing something, since she placed considerable emphasis on the events that Amado described at the time being real.

Looking back over the manga, one can see how Amado did not explicitly state that Eida’s love charm ability was a Shinjutsu, which may validate Momoshiki’s assertion.

As a result, it is possible that Amado planned to mislead about Eida’s charm skill. While he seems to be an ally, he has some surprises up his sleeve. The issue now is, how did Amado create an ability as powerful as Eida’s love charm?

Given his assertion that he is unable of producing abilities, it is possible that Amado transferred the love charm talent by some other method. This might imply that the love charm skill is a kind of ninjutsu or a scientific ninja weapon.