Boruto chapter 75: Amado reveals Eida’s age and connection to the Otsutsuki, Boruto and Momoshiki talk

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Boruto chapter 75

Boruto chapter 74 marked the start of Team 7’s newest task, which required keeping 24×7 surveillance on Eida. The siblings, on the other hand, proved challenging, with Eida enchanting Inojin, Cho-Cho, and Mitsuki with a single look. Daemon proved to be a powerful foe, utilizing his power to turn the tables on the two karma carriers.

Leaked Chapter 75 leaks diverted the emphasis away from the problem, with Amado revealing some disturbing details about Eida and Delta’s origins. However, the official English translation revealed that the spoilers were just a minor portion of the material revealed. This page aims to summarize and summarize the important events in Boruto Chapter 75.

Boruto chapter 75 summary and highlights
Amado reveals Eida and Daemon’s abilities

Boruto chapter 75, titled The Domain of Gods, had Daemon on the cover and opened with Amado explaining Eida’s skills to Shikamaru, Naruto, Sarada, Mitsuki, Kawaki, and Boruto. He said that her enchantment only worked on the Otsutsukis and her younger brother.

Her Senrigan allowed her to see and hear everything that was going on in the world, as well as browse through prior memories. However, she was unable to perceive anything that transpired before to her birth, despite Amado declaring in the manga that she is presently 16 years old. He went on to detail Daemon’s capacity to mirror any strike aimed at him, noting that the impact extended to intent as well.

Amado told them all not to hold any plans to assassinate Daemon while he was around, otherwise the plan would backfire. Kawaki even put it to the test, hitting himself with an unseen strike as he envisioned beating up the cyborg.

The Otsutsuki god

Naruto inquired about Amado’s incredible talents after learning about Eida and Daemon’s abilities. The scientist said that, rather than developing them, he merely transferred pre-existing talents into the cyborg siblings while making them.

Amado then disclosed the existence of Shibai, an Otsutsuki deity who developed by ingesting countless chakra fruits and resurrected himself via karma. While Shibai was no longer present in their realm, Amado had acquired access to his remains, probably through Jigen, and extracted his DNA. Transplanting the god’s DNA into his cyborgs has caused one or more of his talents to awaken.

Shikamaru, who was suspicious, had Katasuke clarify whether Amado’s claims were technically viable, and Katasuke responded that, although difficult, Kawaki’s physical changes and the Kara airship convinced him that it was not impossible.

Amado went on to say that Shibai’s godlike skills were known as “shinjutsu,” and that, like the cyborg siblings’ capabilities, Code’s claw marks and the karma seal were also sorts of shinjutsu. When Amado explained that ninjutsu sought to reproduce the effects of shinjutsu by weaving hand signals and focusing on chakra, Sarada was angered, but Shikamaru had a more important issue about Shibai’s present location.

Amado recognized that it was all speculation and that the Otsutsuki deity may have been slain, but he also argued that he could have freely abandoned his body after attaining godhood.

Amado’s plan to revive his daughter

Boruto chapter 75 then revealed Amado’s genuine motivations for recreating Kawaki’s karma. The scientist said that his daughter, Akebi, died 12 years ago from an unknown ailment, therefore he intended to make a new body for her and transfer his daughter’s memories and mind into the clone. The clone he made was none other than Delta, who appeared in front of Sarada and Mitsuki, pleading with them to let her meet Eida.

Sumire quickly followed and used Delta’s emergency shutdown order to put her to sleep. Amado was able to make a body and transfer all of Akebi’s memories, but he was unable to duplicate her personality. That’s when Jigen discovered him and offered to resurrect Akebi in return for Amado’s assistance in producing the right vessel for Isshiki.

However, Jigen never said how he planned to resuscitate Akebi, and Amado contemplated the idea that the guy had no intention of assisting him. So he took things into his own hands, killing Isshiki Otsutsuki and inserting Akebi’s genetic material into Kawaki’s karma so that the kid may implant a karma on another corpse Amado prepares, reviving his daughter.

Despite Naruto’s protestations, Shikamaru urged Eida to go back in time and confirm Amado’s accusations. While Eida affirmed that Amado was speaking the truth, Momoshiki’s voice stunned Boruto by urging him to respond if he could hear the Otsutsuki.

Momoshiki’s suspicions

The emphasis then changed to Boruto and Momoshiki’s mental dialogue, with the latter stating that their thoughts were flowing into one other’s mind as a result of Otsutsuki repairing his vessel’s body with his genetic material. Momoshiki appeared angered by the situation, but only advised the younger Uzumaki to keep Kawaki from discovering what was going on.

Momoshiki then stated why he had called his vessel, claiming that something was wrong with Amado, who had told them everything. He acknowledged that Shibai Otsutsuki existed but was no longer in this reality, but he had no means of verifying Amado’s tale concerning his daughter.

Momoshiki, on the other hand, emphasized that as a creature that had been around for a long time, he was aware of every existing shinjutsu. He went on to clarify that although Eida’s Senrigan was clearly shinjutsu, her power to charm others wasn’t.

Boruto wondered aloud whether the cyborg’s love charm was a scientific ninja instrument, but he worded it so loosely that Eida couldn’t tell what he meant. The Otsutsuki agreed that it may be scientific ninja technology and that Amado was lying to them.

Boruto’s vision

Boruto continued to dispute with Momoshiki, concerned that Otsutsuki was attempting to deceive him. However, Momoshiki’s dojutsu appeared in the younger Uzumaki’s eye, providing him with a glimpse into the future. The vision saw Konoha village in disorder, with multiple shinobi frantically searching for someone.

He saw Shikadai performing Shadow Binding jutsu and said that this was not something friends did, as Inojin and Cho-Cho looked on warily. Sarada summoned Mitsuki after discovering the person they were looking for, and an angered Mitsuki emerged in sage form.

Kawaki appeared in his karma form, blood splashed on his face, staring down at someone on the ground. Boruto chapter 75 concluded with Eida noting that something was wrong with Boruto, and Momoshiki’s attitude implying that his vessel was not intended to view that vision.

Final thoughts

After Amado’s enormous information dump on Naruto, Shikamaru, and the others, Boruto chapter 75 brought numerous new issues. Momoshiki’s suspicion was that Amado had either overlooked or lied to his Konoha patrons about some critical information.

The option casts doubt on Eida’s origin, implying that Amado manufactured the love charm himself. It would also explain why Eida explicitly blamed Amado for her position and inability to find genuine love. The manifestation of Momoshiki’s dojutsu means that the younger Uzumaki will soon achieve mastery of this ability, whilst the vision suggests that Kawaki will soon go wild.