Bleach TYBW reveals Kubo’s individual illustrations of the First Gen Gotei 13 captains hours ahead of episode 8 premiere

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Shueisha, the publishing firm, has unveiled individual drawings of the First Gen Gotei 13 commanders three hours before the airing of Bleach TYBW episode 8. Tite Kubo created the images, which resemble concept art in nature.

There are a total of 12 drawings, the most of which resemble concept art or character design boards. Officials from Bleach TYBW have not revealed any more information.

Creator Tite Kubo draws individual Illustrations of the First Gen Gotei 13 captains hours ahead of Bleach TYBW episode 8 premiere

Each artwork has a full-body drawing of a First Gen Gotei 13 captain, their names written in Kanji and Katakana, and, in some instances, extra information. Furoufushi Saito’s picture, for example, has simply a full-body drawing and two variants of her name, with no further elements. Some fans have pointed out that the male captains’ drawings are significantly more detailed than those of the two female commanders.

The picture by Chika Shihouin includes a precise drawing of his earring. Danjiro Obana’s image includes a line drawing of his face. Nobutsuna Shigyou’s illustration includes a close-up of his face with and without his hat, revealing the purple damaged flesh underneath. In their respective images, Furuoki Outokawa’s eye and JiuHin Zenjou’s hairdo are both portrayed in close-up.

The pictures show the personalities of each First Gen Gotei 13 commander. Chika seems to have a Yoruichi mentality, whilst Oappearances a Shiba temperament akin to Isshin. Nobutsuna’s features and attitude like those of Mayuri, whereas Furoufushi’s resemble those of Zaraki. Outokawa, on the other hand, looks to be the one enforcing the code of behavior, a position readers are used to seeing Byakuya perform in this generation of Gotei 13. With the exception of Chika and Nobutsuna, no other captain is seen wearing any aristocratic or royal insignia.

The drawings of Head-Captain Yamamoto and Captain Unohana are the only two outliers in the whole group. Their parts are missing the two variants of their names as well as any other information. Unohana, in particular, seems to be drawing her sword in a full-body variation of her position from the preceding First Gen Gotei 13 Sketch. The backdrop was created digitally and is tinted lavender.


Final Thoughts

Episode 8 of Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War is expected to concentrate on the Royal Guards and follow manga canon. However, given the way Shueisha, Pierrot, and Tite Kubo are generating and marketing material on the First Generation Gotei 13 Captains, fans have began to expect anime original sequences featuring them in the future.

Of fact, it looks that Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War has opted to maintain Yachiru Unohana as a gatekeeper for a little bit longer. Unohana’s disclosure was one of the manga’s high points, and it would be a travesty to deprive anime-only viewers of the gravity of that event.