Black Clover Has Asta mastered Zetten Explained

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Black Clover Has Asta mastered Zetten Explained

One of the most pressing issues raised by the unauthorised publication of Black Clover chapter 347 is whether Asta has mastered Zetten. While his presence on the battlefield at the conclusion of the issue would seem to imply this, it is not definite.

Furthermore, both paths provide story value and complexity to the next issues of Black Clover. However, one is clearly more likely to be discovered to be the case due to its bigger narrative consequence.


Upcoming Black Clover issues will see Asta fight Sister Lily, possibly debut Zetten in the process

The most recent Black Clover issue has prompted a slew of doubts about whether Asta has finally mastered Zetten. While the finish of his training would seem to imply that he has mastered the skill, this is far from proven in the plot at the moment.

Asta entering on the battlefield having learned Zetten, as well as his mastering it during his combat with Sister Lily, providing distinct narrative values and affects. Similarly, both enable him to achieve the desired end aim of releasing Sister Lily from Lucius’ captivity by negating her Paladin metamorphosis with his Anti-Magic.

The Zetten is most likely necessary for this, since it would enable Asta to launch the most concentrated Anti-Magic blast ever seen in Black Clover. With that in mind, fans should anticipate Asta, if he hasn’t already, to master the Zetten before the conclusion of this forthcoming encounter.

However, all indications are that Asta perfected his Zetten during his instruction under Mushogatake Yosuga and Tenmanyashiki Fujio. Ryudo Ryuya presumably requested Yosuga to assist Asta in perfecting his Zetten.

As a result, it is improbable that Yosuga would violate Ryuya’s confidence by allowing Asta to come on the battlefield before his Zetten was mastered. This seems particularly probable considering the other Ryuzen Seven members’ devotion and respect for Ryuya, which presumably extends to both Yosuga and Fujio.

Another possibility is that Yosuga believes Asta need real-world fighting experience to completely refine his Zetten. While the former wasn’t holding back in any way while facing the latter, due to Fujio’s continual support spells, Asta may just have been unable to tap into what it takes to perfect Zetten in a training setting.

Another current story aspect that shows Asta hasn’t completely mastered Zetten is the arrival of Yrul’s illusionary magic in Black Clover chapter 347. Based on what has been seen so far, it acts by displaying to the target their deepest fears based on their own recollections.

While many believe that the spell will have no impact on Asta since he is now experiencing his darkest fears, another belief is that he will see a version of himself.

The doppelganger would effectively berate Asta for being weak, noting his own shortcomings as well as his inability to master Zetten.

This prodding from a fictitious version of himself may provide Asta with the motivation he needs to ultimately conquer his Zetten. As of the unofficially published Black Clover chapter 347, none of this has occurred, although many fans believe it is a distinct possibility.

Furthermore, it would provide depth to Asta’s present training arc by highlighting that he had to defeat himself in order to learn Zetten.

However, as of the creation of this article, the claimed return of Asta to the battlefield in Black Clover chapter 347 has not been officially revealed.