Black Clover chapter 347: Why Asta is likely immune to Yrul’s illusion, explained

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Black Clover chapter 347: Why Asta is likely immune to Yrul’s illusion, explained

Spoilers and raw scans from Black Clover chapter 347 have revealed some stunning discoveries and developments to the series and the Hino Country Arc. Fans not only watched Paladin Yrul perform a new kind of attack, but they also discovered (thanks to the strike) that Yami Ichika may be unclear about who precisely slaughtered her whole clan.

The entrance of Asta at the conclusion of the issue is the most thrilling development of the yet-to-be-officially-released Black Clover chapter 347. With his arrival, supporters are eager to see how he will do against Yrul’s illusionary strike, which seems to have terrified every member of the Ryuzen Seven present save those practicing with him.


Black Clover chapter 347’s new tactics may prove futile against Asta, who has been living his worst nightmare
Why Asta is likely immune

Sister Lily and her Paladins make a huge reappearance in Black Clover chapter 347, initially with a combination of Ice and Spatial Magic spells from Sister Lily and Heath Grice. Yrul next casts an illusion spell, which reveals the adversary his or her own anxieties based on memories.

Kezokaku’s is a joke in which she sees a big frog, but Ichika’s is much more genuine, depicting her actual father from her youth. Fans discover here that in his drunken rants about the absence of battle and desire to reestablish the Yami clan, Ichika’s father hinted forcing her to drink a potion that brings forth the “demonic potential” of the clan members.

Through Ichika’s recollections, Black Clover chapter 347 reveals that she may have ended up massacring her own tribe. This is backed by her father’s final words to her, “as anticipated of my child, Ichika.” Meanwhile, the other Ryuzen Seven are straining to stand but are as eager to win as ever.

While Ichika doubts her own abilities, Sister Lily plans another attack and assures the Ryuzen Seven that Lucius has places for them in the new world as well. However, just as this strike is about to land on Ichika, Asta steps in front of her and deflects it, reminding Ichika of how her brother, Sukehiro, would often defend her from their father’s violence, and the story ends here.

One of the most important signs from Black Clover chapter 347 that Asta may be resistant to Yrul’s spell is that it operates on the memory of its victim. While Asta has been mostly brave throughout the series, viewers have lately witnessed him experience his darkest dread by his own account.

Keeping this in mind, the illusion may not work for Asta since nothing about his vision can be altered. While he may have regained his confidence via training and reappearance on the battlefield, he is nonetheless plagued by sentiments of being worthless and weak. As a result, it’s probable that the illusionary spell will have no impact on him.

If the spell does end up harming him, context cues in Black Clover chapter 347 imply that he may end up seeing himself. That is, despite practicing to the point of gaining the approval of Ryudo Ryuya and others, he would witness an exceedingly weak and powerless version of himself attempting to persuade the real Asta that this is who he really is.

Author Yuki Tabata will almost certainly do wonders with such a growth in Black Clover chapter 347 and beyond, allowing Asta to describe how he personally thinks he has evolved. Such introspectives for Asta have been few and far between in the series thus far, and there would be no better moment to introduce one than in the buildup to the series’ probable final arc’s second half.

However, as of the creation of this article, Black Clover chapter 347 has not yet been officially published. As a consequence, official translations may alter the interpretations found in spoilers and raw scans, affecting the aforementioned hypothesis and the different ways it may evolve.