Black Clover Chapter 347: Spoiler, Plot, Raw Scan, Color Page, and Release Date

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Black Clover Chapter 347

On February 16, 2015, one of the most well-known Japanese manga series, Black Clover, debuted. The opening chapters of this collection were so well received that further content was added to it. Many people are eager to learn when and how Black Clover Chapter 347 will be released. This page has been updated with the most current information on Black Clover Chapter 347.

Black Clover Chapter 347 Release Date

Yuki Tabata created Black Clover, the second series in Tabata’s Weekly Shonen Jump. The first volume was launched in 2015, and 31 volumes have been issued as of January 2022. Tabata published the English translation of this manga in 2019. The chapters are issued regularly, and the times vary greatly around the globe. The Black Clover Chapter 347 will be published on January 8, 2023, with raw scans available a few days before the final publication.

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Black Clover Chapter 347 Spoiler Prediction

Yuno’s team and Asta’s team proceed to the second round, with Asta and Zora bickering over Zora’s unwillingness to play team and agreement to remember his father, while Asta’s team faces Kirsch’s team. They, together with Mimosa, defeat Kirsch’s troops, with Kirsch surrendering to Asta. The next fight is between Finral’s team and Langris’ team, which Langris wins.

However, since Finral held his own, an enraged Langris is on the point of killing his elder brother in retaliation for being liked by others despite his parents’ devotion. Asta is enraged because Julius allows their teams to participate in the semi-finals. Based on his actions, the Wizard King suspects Langris is a spy inside the Magic Knight. Both teams are eliminated, and the game is tied, with Yuno’s squad facing Rill’s after eliminating Luck’s.

Julius meets Zora after Yuno beats Rill’s team in the finals by demonstrating his ability to absorb Sylph to strengthen his strength. He exposes himself to be Zora’s father Zara’s close friend, while also naming Zora a Royal Knight. Zora joins the other Royal Knights, who are led by Mereoleona and include Asta, Noelle, Yuno, Luck, Klaus, Mimosa, Kirch, Nils Ragus, En Ringard, Puli Angel, Rill Boismortier, Fragil Tormenta, and Hamon Caseus. Mereoleona resolves to assault the Midnight Sun’s base, joining forces with Asta and Zora before breaking off at their objective.

Mereoleona’s gang discovers Rhya, who suggests that Licht is elsewhere while battling them, while Yuno reminds a member of Midnight Night that the time to become their true forms is approaching. Yuno and his comrades encounter an elf floating inside a sphere of light as Mereoleona beats Rhya. Gauche, Grey, and Gordon remain behind as Yami departs to meet up with Vengeance, questioning the constant rearrangement of their base, before being attacked by Rades, Sally, and Valtos with orders not to harm Gauche as Rades’ zombies swarm into the base, and a blue-haired mage appears in response to Grey and Gordon’s determination to defend their home.

Black Clover Chapter 347 Spoiler Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 347 Spoilers have not yet been disclosed at the time of writing. Typically, three to four days before the actual release date, these spoilers begin to spread on the internet. They may be found on Internet forums such as 4chan and Reddit. As a consequence, we expect this week to be accessible on January 4, 2023.


Black Clover Chapter 347 Raw Scan Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 347 Raw Scans had not yet been available at the time of publishing. Three to four days before the official release date, raw scans begin to circulate on the internet. They may be found on Internet forums such as 4chan and Reddit. As a consequence, we expect this week to be accessible on January 4, 2023.


Recap of Black Clover Chapter 346 Summary

The Witch Queen admits defeat and hands up her magic stone to Asta, along with the following information: both Vetto and the possessed Fana used forbidden magic from a long-extinct Elf tribe, and Asta’s grimoire and swords belonged to the Elves’ leader. The queen also gives vials of her blood to Asta and Mars, who plan to use them to overthrow Morris’ regime, while Fana remains in Fanzell’s company. At the Star Festival, Asta heals Kahono and Kiato with the queen’s blood.

The Black Bulls are astounded to learn that they have fallen behind the Golden Dawn in terms of growth. King Augustus orders the creation of the Royal Knights to assault the freshly discovered Midnight Sun stronghold. Soon after, Asta joins a training session led by Mereoleona Vermillion, Fuegoleon’s elder sister and the new Crimson Lions captain.

The Royal Knight test starts with a series of team bouts after Mereoleona’s training. Asta overcomes Mimosa and Zora Ideale, a mage who has taken on the character of Purple Orcas vice-captain Xerx Lugner, in the opening match. Magna and Sol won their duel thanks to the strategy of their buddy Kirsch Vermilion, Mimosa’s elder brother and a member of the Coral Peacocks.

Finral assists the Golden Dawn’s Leopold Vermilion and Hamon in their win. Langris relies on his own ability to win rather than partnering with his comrades. Rill Boismortier, captain of the Aqua Deers, who competed under a false name, wins the match. Klaus, Luck, and Puli Angel of the Blue Roses all advance as well. Noelle and Yuno fight and defeat Noelle’s elder brother Solid, as well as Yuno’s Golden Dawn superior Alecdora Sandler, with the help of En Ringard of the Green Mantises.


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Read More About Black Clover

Asta is a young orphan who was abandoned and raised in an orphanage with Yuno. While everyone is born with the ability to use Mana as a Magical Power, Asta is special in that he prioritizes physical fitness. Yuno, on the other hand, was a child prodigy blessed with incredible magical talents and the ability to wield wind magic.

The two teenagers developed a friendly rivalry over their mutual desire to become the next Wizard King, a figure of power second only to the Clover Kingdom’s King. Yuno gets a legendary four-leaf grimoire formerly owned by the kingdom’s first Wizard King. Despite his lack of magical aptitude, Asta obtained a cryptic five-leaf grimoire holding intriguing elven weaponry and a bodiless Devil race member with unique anti-magic. As a first step toward their goals, he and Yuno join a Magic Knight team.

Asta and Noelle Silva join the Black Bulls, while Yuno joins the Golden Dawn, and they embark on various adventures while fighting the Night of the Midnight Sun, an extremist group whose leadership is manipulated by a Devil to avenge an injustice committed against the Elves during the Clover Kingdom’s founding. The Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad is then pitted against the Magic Knights. Asta and Yuno learn about the Devils’ impact on their lives, as well as the Dark Triad’s aim to completely manifest the Devils in their domain.