Black Clover chapter 344: Why Beast Magic seems familiar, explained

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Black Clover chapter 344

On Sunday, November 27, Black Clover chapter 344 was published, bringing with it the joyful entrance of Sister Lily and her Paladins to the Land of the Sun. Upon arriving, fans discovered that the Paladin, whom many mistook for Revchi Salik or Rades Spirito, was really someone called Yrul.

Yrul also used Beast Magic immediately after his initial appearance in Black Clover chapter 344, something many fans may recall from earlier in the series. Vetto of the Eye of the Midnight Sun employed Beast Magic as well, most notably in his duel with Asta, in which both were pushed to their extreme limits.


Beast Magic’s return in Black Clover chapter 344 has fans questioning potential Third Eye return for final arc

Sister Lily, Yrul, and the third Paladin arrive at a torii gate-like structure after landing in the Land of the Sun and travelling through town in Black Clover chapter 344. In this scene, the third Paladin (whom many fans believe is Heath Grice) uses Magic to smash the torii gate to smithereens.

Based on how Sister Lily instructs him, this seems to enable Yrul to utilize his Beast Magic: Holy Howling spell. This causes a five-headed dragon, who seems to be composed of water, to arise from the ocean in front of them. Sister Lily then goes on to explain that this “holy dragon” would sacrifice the Land of the Sun for global peace.

Unfortunately, no additional explanation is offered for this scenario in Black Clover chapter 344, leaving viewers to speculate about what they just observed. The most plausible explanation is that the spirit of the five-headed dragon from Ichika’s story was bound by the torii gate. The demolition of the torii most likely allowed Yrul’s Beast Magic to dominate the dragon’s essence.

While this is a novel usage of Beast Magic, it is far from the first time it has been seen in the series. During the Seabed Temple arc, Vetto of the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s elite Third Eye fighter squad first introduced Beast Magic to the series. Vetto mostly used Beast Magic in conjunction with Reinforcement Magic to increase the durability of his body and the power of his assaults.

Vetto also used Demon Beast Magic, which he obtained by opening his third eye. It’s basically an enhanced form of Beast Magic, enabling him to heal himself to unfathomable levels (such regenerating a whole limb) while also increasing his endurance and assaults.

Aside from Vetto’s usage of Demon Beast Magic, the Grimoires are the main distinction between Vetto and Yrul’s Beast Magic. Unlike Vetto’s Grimoire, which has claw marks on the front and back covers as well as the spine, Yrul’s is totally blank. This, together with his employment of the Holy Howling spell, might imply that Yrul’s Beast Magic is a more purer type of Beast Magic than Vetto’s.

However, as of the authoring of this article, all of this is theoretical, with Black Clover chapter 344 giving no greater explication or explanations of Yrul’s Beast Magic and how it may vary. As a consequence, fans will have to wait for Yuki Tabata to explain the contrasts and parallels in greater detail in the series’ next issues.