Black Clover Chapter 339 Raw Scan, Spoilers Release Date Announced

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The adventure in the Land of the Sun is sure to be incredible. The presence of the Shogun particularly impressed us. He is a man who has the same dream as Asta. What distinguishes him is that he has already achieved his goal. Black Clover Chapter 339 is sure to be fantastic.

Some major episodes of the Black Clover anime will reportedly be rebroadcast to mark the occasion the 5th anniversary of its initial release. This special event will begin on TV Tokyo on October 9.

In addition, we can see that Black Clover has a stage at Jump Festa.

Here’s hoping that the film is finally announced. We’ve been waiting for this movie for a long time, and Jump Festa is where big announcements are made.

Remember that if this film is successful, the anime may continue.

A new country with new people, a new system of power, and the possibility of incredible training. It appears that we have entered a training arc in which Asta will once again try to inflate his power to match the latest villain. Black Clover 339 spoilers may show him attempting to persuade Ichika to train him.

There are also rumors that the anime will return soon with Black Clover Episode 171. What are your thoughts on this?

Black Clover Chapter 339 Raw Scan Release Date:

This week, there is a break.

As a result, Black Clover 339 will arrive one week later on September 28th, 2022. The raw scans will be published in the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump and leaked online.

The raws are scanned, translated, typeset, and redrawn by series fans. This chapter will suffer the same fate, and we believe that the English fan scans will be released on Google on October 1, 2022.

We advise all fans to read the authorized version of Black Clover Chapter 339. This official English translation will be available on October 2, 2022.

To access the chapter legally and for free, please go to the Mangaplus website, the Viz website, or the Shonen Jump app. This will also benefit the creators.

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 and One Piece Chapter 1061 will also be available on the Shonen Jump website this week.

Black Clover Manga 339 Theories:

Ryuya Ryudo is a powerful man. He immediately impressed us with his approachable personality and high position. Because he is so humble and well-liked by everyone, we are curious to see how much Asta can take from him.

In Black Clover 339 spoilers, our hero may ask Ryudo about his life.

Who is Ryuga Ryudo?

Asta, as you all know, has been teleported to the Land of the Sun. It’s Yami’s country, and it’s a long way from the Clover Kingdom. Asta meets Ryuga, the Shogun of the area, here.

He claims that his position is roughly equivalent to that of the Wizard King!

Ryuga predicts that Lucius’ next move will take some time. The villain will now carefully carry out his plan. Asta must seize this opportunity to improve.

The fact that Ryuga, like Asta, lacks magic is quite intriguing! Black Clover Chapter 339 will explain how he became Shogun.

What is Asta doing?

Asta is finally able to take a break. He goes for a walk around the neighborhood to get his mind off things. The wonders of the place astound him. He also discovers that magic is known as Yojutsu in Japan, and magical power is known as Yoryoku.

Asta recalls his past and remembers his sister. Suddenly, some bandits break through it, attempting to loot everyone.

Ryuga immediately saves some people while telling the bandits that he does not have any Yoryoku. Black Clover manga 339 spoilers may reveal Ryuga as a replacement for this.

What did Ichika do?

Ichika appears and quickly dispatches the bandits. She has a bad temper and sometimes says rude things. Asta discovers that this lady is Yami’s younger sister!


Asta’s next goal is to be trained by the Ryuzen Seven, the nation’s elite warriors.

Ichika, on the other hand, is not nearly as welcoming as Ryuga, and she appears to despise men like Asta. We may see Black Clover Chapter 339 spent on Asta attempting to persuade this woman.

We’re also looking forward to meeting the other Ryuzen Seven members.

Black Clover 339 Spoilers

We ask that you be patient while we look for Black Clover Chapter 339 spoilers. The chapter will be released soon, and raws will be leaked shortly after. We will be able to post the confirmed spoilers by September 30th, 2022.

This section will contain all spoilers and links to them. Right now, however, none of the spoilers are available, and searching for them is largely futile.

So keep an eye on Recent Highlights for the most recent raw and spoiler updates.