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There is a fight between Zenon and Yuno and Langris in Black Clover Chapter 308. The first time Zenon had contact with Devil Beelzebub was in Black Clover Chapter 308. When Zenon begs Devil Beelzebub for the Devil Heart, the latter laughs at him offstage. After losing Allen at a young age, Zenon became the devil’s host, according to Black Clover.

Zenon promised Devil Beelzebub that if he gave him his heart from the last chapter of Black Clover, he would give him his body in exchange for him. “A Devil’s Heart” is the title of the chapter in question. Zenon adds that if his deal with Devil Beelzebub is successful and the Spade Kingdom continues to exist, he will give up his soul as well.

Devil As soon as Beelzebub agrees, he exposes his chest and declares that he would give it to the devil. An image of Allen with a smile caught Zenon’s attention. When he gave it to Zenon, the Beelzebub Devil did not reveal that he had cut out his heart. Cut to the fight, Zenon took Yuno’s punch, but the atmosphere was decimated.

When Langris and Yuno confront Zenon, they are taken aback by the alterations in Zenon’s physical appearance. Zenon resembles the Devil Guy whom Asta had a run-in with earlier, and Yuno recognizes him as well.

When Zenon’s body regenerates, he reveals that he has the heart of the devil. His power has grown to unimaginable proportions. Langris acts as if he has the abilities of the devil and the heart of the devil. According to Langris, Zenon is not like a human. Yuno is enraged by the fact that they killed this Devil with one shot. Because the environment around them is full of evil forces that they must fight, Langris protects them with his cubes.

Summary of Chapter 307, Black Clover

Yuno screams in pain as Zenon hurts him with his bones in his blind area. This shows that Zenon has improved in terms of sturdiness, as despite Yuno’s new form, he could still hurt him. The arrow Yuno shot missed, and Zenon explains that when Yuno struck, he avoided hitting Langrish and thus did not hit Zenon’s heart as Langris was shielding Zenon’s heart from view.

In exchange for Yuno’s sacrifice, Zenon’s ears would have been pierced, allowing Zenon to be killed. Yuno chose not to use his arrow in the belief that he would blow Zenon up and explode, giving her victory. As a result of his interactions with the Devil, Zenon was able to escape death many times.

They were punished and Langris was informed that he was on his way and that Langris should have perished, but he was not lying in the way. Zenon promised Langris that he would put him to sleep and take care of his agony by putting him to sleep. Langri’s brother arrives just as he is about to kill Langris and rescues him.

Considering that he was destined to be the one to rescue the man from Black Bull, he was surprised that someone from Black Bull would show up to rescue a guy from Golden Dawn. Langris is furious when he learns that his brother is coming to his aid. When his brother came out of the closet without him, he apologized profusely.

To prove his point, he tells Langris that Zenon kidnapped his Captain Yami with the use of space magic. Langris is transported by Finral via Instant Teleportation. Realizing this, Langris uses his mana zone to speed up Finral’s instantaneous teleportation. Finral reminds Langris that they can win together, and he accepts this as the truth.

Black Clover Chapter 308 Release Date

A new chapter of Black-Clover will be published on October 10, 2021, which will be on a Sunday. As a result, there won’t be a new Black Clover chapter to read this Sunday. They combine their forces and use them to defeat Zenon. The chapter concludes with Langris and Finral holding hands and preparing to punish Zenon. The Supreme Devil vs. Langris and Finral Black Clover will continue with Zenon in the next episode. When Black Clover updates, let’s get together.

Black Clover Chapter 308 Predictions and Spoilers

Where to read Black Clover chapter 308?

On the official VIZ Media website, you can get Black Clover Chapter 308. Shueisha’s online magazine Shonen Jump is serializing this manga and publishing new chapters every week.

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